laser hair removal is the best choice for unwanted hairDo you have unwanted hairs that you want to get rid of? What procedures are you using in those unwanted hairs? There are many ways on how to remove unwanted hair and it’s u to you what kind of method you want to use. It all depends on what you are comfortable with.

There will be always pros and cons in every method of removing unwanted hair. You have no choice but to choose one that is more convenient to you. If you still haven’t make up your mind on what method to choose, you can refer here:

Hair Removal 101: To Shave, to Wax, or to Laser?

We all know that keeping our bodies hairless in all the right places isn’t always smooth sailing—all hair removal methods, whether it’s waxing, shaving, or laser, have the potential for issues like nicks, bumps, ingrown hairs, and… general discomfort. Let’s take a cursory look at the multitude of removal options, and with them, the different levels of pain, commitment, expense, convenience, and perhaps most importantly, longevity.

Professional Waxing

How It Works: Hot (but not too hot!) wax is applied to the desired area and removed in the opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling hairs out from the root. See more…

As you can see, there are several methods to choose from and you might now be thinking of what really is for you. But one two dermatologist from Vietnam speaks about laser removal to being the best option. Know why hair laser is the best:

Smooth operator: why laser hair removal is best

From as early as Ancient Rome, many women – and even some men – have been dealing with unwanted hair using razors, depilatory creams, tweezers and wax.

But laser hair removal, the most effective method to remove hair to date, has only been around for the last 20-odd years. This month, Oi speaks to two dermatologists from Orient Skincare and Laser Center – Dr. Le Thi Thu Ha and Dr. Chuong Ngoc Hanh – on this cutting edge solution to a hairy problem.

Laser hair removal is said to be the most effective method to remove unwanted hair. How does it compare with plucking, shaving, waxing and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal methods?

Dr. Ha: First of all, compared to traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal is far superior. Not only is it more effective and lasts longer, laser removal is also better for your skin. See more…

You can also learn more information on laser hair removal from Centre EpilDef and if you want to hear about someone’s laser hair removal experience to find out if it turned out well for her, watch this video:

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back pain

Many of us suffer from back pain at one stage of our life or another. And it’s not surprising how many of us even take time off work. Back pain can be caused by stress, where the muscles tighten up frequently which then lends itself to creating in imbalance in the muscles. Pulling and pushing where they shouldn’t be! Another very common cause for back pain is bad posture.

These days, businesses take health and safety very seriously and they realise the importance of ensuring that their employees work in an environment that helps keep them focused and productive.

Despite the advances in the care that is provided by your company, many people will still suffer from pain in their back. So what’s the next step? What can you do about it?

Managing your back pain recovery

Has your back pain been properly assessed? In this case study from Chartered Physiotherapist and BackCare Professional, Nick Sinfield, we take a look at how best practice in patient-centred care can make all the difference when it comes to your back pain recovery.

Mrs E was a 36 year old graphic designer. She experienced a sudden stab of pain in her lower back when leaning into her newborn daughter’s cot. Her GP prescribed painkillers, but things got progressively worse over the next few months. Sometimes the pain was so bad she could hardly walk and had to use her daughters buddy as a walking frame.

Most episodes of back pain resolve spontaneously, though we may use medication to make your back pain recovery more comfortable. However, in around 20% of cases, the pain persists long term and symptomatic relief is simply not enough.

As the pain became chronic she became very anxious about her back pain recovery. She would anticipate pain in every move, bracing herself every time she went to pick up her daughter. Her anxiety about her back made her pain worse, while the fear about carrying her daughter compounded her anxiety because she worried that she wasn’t the mother she wanted to be.

Chiropractic treatment was once shunned by the greater more mainstream medical fraternity, but it’s come along in leaps and bounds. “Chiropractic is now recommended as a very effective treatment for back aches”, says Lisa, a Bristol Chiropractor. She says “we see numerous patients who present back ache as their main symptom”.

If you’re wondering about what to expect from a trip to a chiropractor, you’ll find the following video of interest. If you do decide to go down this route, expect there to be several sessions, typically around 6-8 depending on your situation, usually booked in as a weekly session.

If you’d rather try to take steps yourself, there are always exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home, so if that’s of interest to you, then have a look at

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summer sunshine

Summer is upon us and depending on where you live, you’re either enjoying beautiful blue, cloudless skies, or another rain soaked disappointment! Regardless, summer means increased heat and more sunshine. It’s a time we all look forward to, particularly if you live in a country where the winters really mean winter!

With great sunshine, comes great responsibility and if you have kids, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. We tend to worry if we’re doing the right thing. Here are a few tips to making sure you’re protecting your kids well.

Summer safety for younger children

While it’s important to be prepared for any dangers that children might face during the summer, it’s also important to let them run around and have fun.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) believes that children’s activity and play need to be as safe as necessary, not as safe as possible.

“Summer is a great time for children to get out and experience the world around them,” says David Walker, head of leisure safety at RoSPA. “During the summer months, we see a rise in injuries associated with play and leisure activities. You need to be aware of safely issues, but this isn’t a reason to stop children enjoying activities. In many cases, simple steps can be taken to avoid injury.”
New environments

If you go to stay with friends or relatives, their home or garden might not be as child-friendly as your home.

Children like to explore new surroundings, so make sure they don’t go far on their own. Ask your hosts to place medicines and cleaning products out of sight and out of reach. Make sure you also check features such as ponds, barbecues and garden tools.

A few simple steps, such as nominating an adult to watch the children at a party, can reduce the risks.

Taking precautions is always a good thing in the summer heat. I’m not trying to teach mother to suck eggs, and I know a lot of it is just common sense, but as is the case with many things, we may not even be thinking about it, until it’s pointed out, so here are a few more things you can do to make sure you’re keeping safe.

Safety tips for surviving the summer heat

To some, summer is the most enjoyable time of year, marked by shorter hours at the office and family vacations. For kids, summer is a time when homework is set aside in favor of rest and relaxation.

As enjoyable as summer can be, there are many people who, come the end of August, are glad to see summer nearing its end. Such people may enjoy cold weather or may simply find their tolerance for high temperatures and humid afternoons is starting to wear thin.

Regardless of one’s personal opinion about summer, the often unforgiving climate synonymous with this time of year is a considerable safety risk for people of all ages.Temperatures approaching or exceeding the triple digits coupled with intense humidity can be dangerous, and it’s important that men, women and children emphasize safety.

As I said…common sense, but it’s always good to have a little reminder! Armed with these tips, you can now go out and enjoy the next few months, knowing you’re taking care.

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